Between Comenius and Rousseau: reflections on infants and adults




Adults, Children, Comenius, Rousseau, Modernity


We seek the traces of a plot in which adults and children figure during the formation of school culture in the Modern Age. The aim is to glimpse the long duration, without neglecting circumstantial aspects, bringing to light parts of the speeches of authors from the 17th and 18th centuries. We hope to penetrate the scenario outlined in the selected excerpts, which participated in the weaving of school rhythms in such fragment of time. For this, the contexts of Comenius and Rousseau will be used as temporal markers, without exaggerated precision. Perhaps, thinking about the dialogue of these authors with their listeners and/or readers of the time, we can penetrate parts of the sources, aiming at a connection with the views about infants and adults.


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Santos, S. dos. (2022). Between Comenius and Rousseau: reflections on infants and adults. Cadernos Do Arquivo Municipal, (18), 1–13.