The next issue of the journal (Nº 20), with the thematic dossier "The Book in Its Time: Places, Materials, Forms and Techniques”, and scientific coordination by Fernando J. Bouza Álvarez (Universidade Complutense, Madrid), João Luís Lisboa (NOVA FCSH) e Luís Martins (NOVA FCSH), will be available in continuous publication from July 1, 2023.

The Book is a phenomenon that combines the fascination of its manifestations of yesteryear to the current debates and practices that announce future paths and dilemmas. We propose in this issue an exercise that recovers the procedures and techniques that gained body to welcome another invention, that of writing, which inscribes the history of copyists, printing typographers who moved between cities and countries in search of business, that of their emergence in monasteries, courts, universities, binder workshops and typographies, that of street vendors and that of the production and marketing circuits.