The trajectory of the (trans)National Grammar by Caldas Aulete: traveling books




19th century, Transnational history of education, History of grammar, History of publishing market


This article focuses on the production and subsequent transnational circulation of the plural and markedly pedagogical Grammatica Nacional, written by the Lisbon professor Júlio Caldas Aulete. We analyze, based on editions of the work, a contemporary criticism directed to it, and newspapers, especially from Rio de Janeiro, the trajectory the grammar had from its first to its eleventh edition, passing through Brazilian editions without number or date. Special attention is given to the Brazilian edition by Nicolau Alves, a Portuguese bookseller based in Rio de Janeiro, who appropriates its contents, making an edition adapted to Brazilian culture, which was, during the 1870’s, adopted by Pedro II, the Empire’s model secondary school.


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Polachini, B. S. (2022). The trajectory of the (trans)National Grammar by Caldas Aulete: traveling books. Cadernos Do Arquivo Municipal, (18), 1–16.